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moving in with the worst of the storm still to come. complete, bay area news coverage, starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening,. it is friday. february 8th. i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. tonight, the fairfield community is gathering to remember a 13-year-old foster chill as the authorities announce they have her suspected killer in custody. they have been watching 32-year- old anthony lamar jones. he was arrested at 7:00 this morning in fairfield. >> we have evidence linking jones to this homicide. we believe, at this time, he acted alone and there are no other suspects named in this case. >> the body was found in a fairfield park one week ago. happening now, a vigil in her honor. we are live in fairfield with what has been learned about the investigation and the man now
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in custody. >> reporter: this vigil started 30 minutes ago. if we show you the crowd out here you can see several hundred people have gathered at this park. some are carrying signs and balloons and many holding candles. the friends and the family of the foster child, the victim of this murder, organized this vigil earlier in the week but news of the arrest made the event more somber. >> reporter: crime scene tape roped off all entrances to the barbershop. anthony lamar jones is the co- owner of this barbershop. the 32-year-old was arrested for the murder of the 13-year- old. >> we saw the police showing up and getting in the air all taped off with the guys in the white suits. >> reporter: john carter is a maintenance manager for the building. he remembers meeting jones and his business partner last year. >> seem like nice guys. just everyday, they are
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starting a business. seemed like everybody was friendly. >> reporter: he is in disbelief now after hearing what jones is accused of, her naked body was discovered in the park yesterday. >> the other day we saw everyone with the candles and the stuffed animals. poor baby. >> reporter: the police say they had a close eye on jones, keeping him under 24-hour surveillance since identifying him as a suspect. >> we are asking for the service from 7:30. >> reporter: carter says news of the arrest brings some relief. >> my family lives over here. i have an 11-year-old granddaughter that plays around here. and, geez. just that close. that close. >> reporter: now, late this afternoon, about two hours ago, the fbi agents removed several boxes, envelopes and computers from a home listed in jones name. the police have not released the name on the charges he has
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faced but he has been expected to be arraigned on wednesday. back out here live, you will see the vigil has no sign of ending soon as they gather to remember the 13-year-old's death. my colleague is in the crowd and will have more tonight. now to our continuing coverage of the bay area terror plot. he set off a powerful car bomb at an oakland bank is behind bars. the target of this building on hagenberger road. the complaint described how the 28-year-old arrived at the bank last night, driving an suv he believed was wired to explode. the investigators say he spent weeks building the phony bomb with a man he thought was a taliban operative who was, in fact, an fbi agent. tenants in the bank building were stunned. >> scary and amazing people behype the scenes are doing
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that stuff. and we always -- behind-the- scenes are doing that stuff. we always count on it happening to someone else. >> reporter: he converted to islam and he wanted to honor ala. the department of justice says that he hoped the car bomb would trigger a right wing uprising in america and civil war. instead he is charged with attempted mass destruction. he has a criminal history one that includes a previous run in with the law. >> reporter: today's charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction was not his first encounter with the law enforcement. in april, 2011, the authorities arrested him while living in his rv outside of his father's home in san jose. santa clara prosecutors say his family asked for a mental health check and the police found a rifle with ammunition that he brought with him when he moved from arizona to san jose. he had an unusual interest in weapons. military magazines and had mental health issues. sentenced to six years in jail
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but served more than six months. the people in that neighborhood were surprised by the news. >> shocking. to say the least. >> very, very -- next door, yes, very surprised. very surprised. >> reporter: an undercover agent in january this year he came up with a plan to build a car bomb at a storage unit to be detonated at this bank of america branch in oakland. the fbi says that his goal with the bombing of the bank was to create a government crack down triggering a counterresponse against the government leading to civil war. reporting in san jose, back to you. >> more details on his background. he ran a business called sand fire tactical llc out of this apartment complex in mess a arizona, outside of phoenix. the 28-year-old graduated from red mountain school in mesa. he live inside arizona until 2011 when he moved to san jose.
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go to to review more about the case including why the suspect served only a short time in prison for that prior offense. the man who escaped from police custody in san jose by stealing an officer's van is back behind bars tonight. officers on patrol spotted the 32-year-old, sanchez, asleep in a stolen red pick up truck on normington way at 11:30 last night. he was in a police van on wednesday when he slipped his cuffed hands from back to front. as an officer was filling out paperwork he drove off. he was booked on auto theft and burglary and other charges. the handcuffs were in the truck. the investigators say that alcohol may have been a factor in a woman's fatal fall from a high-rise. santa clara county examiner's office identified her from san jose. she fell from an 11th floor balcony just before three clock this morning.
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the -- 3:00 this morning. she did not live in the building there is no indication of suicide or foul play. the police in livermore are calling the drowning death of a 4-year-old boy an accident. crews were called to a home just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the child's mother said that her 4-year-old was at the bottom of the family's swimming pool. the police say the mother told them she had only taken her eyes off of the boy for a minute. a popular game called "assas is ins" is causing school officials to issue a warning. we will show you youtube video here from a high school student that demonstrates how teens play it by firing nerf guns at each other. the officials with the school district say some students are dressing in black ninja clothes and painting their guns black as well. sheriff deputies received an alarm call from an elementary school not knowing it is just a game. the district sent an e-mail to parents to put them on alert. >> they are getting in their cars and they are speeding through traffic and they are
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chasing each other and those kinds of things and that is -- that is just dangerous behavior. the school district says it is not proposing a ban on nerf guns but wants parents to discourage their children from taking part in the game. workers at a mobile phone store says someone drove a pick up truck through their front window today as part of a robbery t. happened this morning in concord. according to the web site, the truck was stolen and several phones were stolen before the robbers took off. if you are heading west on the richmonday bridge this weekend caltrans says expect richmond bridge, caltrans says expect delays. they labeled it closed on westbound i-80 on the toll plaza from now until monday morning. the work will continue through
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march 5th. shares are growing. reporting more than $300 quarter of a million dollars, linked's stock price chimed more than 20% to chose above $150 a share for the first time. and they provided a spark on wall street as they finished up. gained 48 points, it is the 6th consecutive week stocks ended higher. google's executive chairman is set for a huge windfall. he plans to sell more than 3 million shares. at the prices it works out to about $2.5 billion. he would still have an investment with more than four million shares. it gives no reason for the sale. we are following developing news on the east coast. a powerful blizzard is moving into the forth east right now. forecasters say the worst of the storm is still to come. we are live in boston where people are being told to stay
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home and stay off of the roads, chris? >> reporter: that is right. you got that right. the worst of the storm is still to come. for the last several hours we have been seeing the snow come down and continue to pileup. the winds have only been increasing in speed. and folks are, as you said, staying home and the officials in many states like massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island the governors banned any kind of traffic on the roads at this point unless you are an emergency vehicle or a snowplow at this point. folks, really, for the most part listening to the warning. as we talked about the storm is far from over. hour after hour the snow is piling up from pennsylvania to maine. blanketing the northeast putting millions of americans at risk. >> at this point, stay where you are. stay warm if you lose power. >> the worst of the weather is expected to hit boston and run from friday afternoon through saturday morning. in maine, a 19-car pileup left no serious injuries but
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underscored the dangers of this storm. they want you to stay off of the roads. >> we hope tonight into tomorrow morning during the brunt of the storm take the opportunity to stay home with family and friends. >> the governors throughout the region declared states of emergency. heavy winds could cause power outages, gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour are expected. thousands of canceled flights have left tens of thousands stranded at airports. >> most of my flights have been canceled. >> reporter: new york is expected to see a foot of snow. but, with super storm sandy fresh on the minds of many new yorkers the governor tried to put this storm in perspective. >> we just want through some really terrible storms with hurricane sandy. we are not anticipating anything like that. >> reporter: it is not just the snow and the wind folks are worried pw-fpl the officials are urging anyone in a coastal city along the seaboard to be prepared for flooding as well with the storm. as if they did not have enough
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to deal with they will have that on top of everything else. reporting live, back to you. >> the blizzard back east is expected to have an effect on nights here in the bay area. a number of flights were canceled today and many of tomorrow's flights have been canceled. they no longer wait to the last hour to cancel flights when big weather events take place new ended up with the diversions and the stranded flights airlines don't want to go through that anymore. what we are seeing more of is anticipation of a weather event. pro active cancellation. >> if you are ming anywhere tomorrow it -- flying anywhere tomorrow it is a good idea to check the status of your night. when you get to the airport -- your flight. when you get to the airport, be prepared to wait. where is that ex-lapd officer, where is he now? and what is an ex-girlfriend saying about him? the rain showers have moved
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out of the bay area. the cold weather remains in place. the neighborhoods in the upper 20s first thing tomorrow morning and the warmest day of the weekend. ♪ yeeeowwww!
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the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess investigators in alabama are getting an up close look at the place where a 5-year-old was held captive for nearly a week. the authorities are digging around the opening of a steel shipping container that the neighbor neighbors say he used for storage on his track of land. the standoff ended on monday after the officers killed dikes and freed the boy. tonight, the authorities across southern california are on edge as they appear no choser to fiending a former lapd officer suspected in three killings. we report from lapd headquarters on a manhunt that
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is now spanning 3 states. >> reporter: despite the freezing temperatures and snow the manhunt for christopher dorner near big bear ski resort carries on. >> we are going to continue to search so we discover that he left the mountain or we find him, one or of the two. >> reporter: the last signs of the lapd officer were the tracks leading away from his burning truck found on thursday. >> we have no evidence as this point. >> reporter: the search is not isolated to the big bear area, it stretches across california, tphef ada arizona and northern mexico -- nevada, arizona and northern mexico. it includes the home of his wife where the police executed a search warrant. he posted a manifesto promising to hunt down police and their families. now, three people are dead and the fired cop suggests he will not be taken alive. it is as "self-preservation is no longer important to me. i do not fear death as i died long ago".
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>> lapd chief says the former naval reservist is well trained and he knows police and military tactics inside and out. >> lapd is a spectacular target but all law enforcement is targeted. you know, it is a van debta against all of southern california law enforcement. >> reporter: and we are learning through the court documents that in 2006 one of dorner's ex-girlfriend put his badge on the web site don' saying he was twisted and super paranoid. >> the secret service is investigates how a hacker broke into e-mail accounts belonging to george w bush and his family members. they posted pictures of the former president and his father that it said came from the hacker. they included pictures showing the senior bush in the hospital and e-mails details his health scare. so far the bush family has refused to comment. this is a new twist to the super bowl power outage. today, the utility company says a relay installed to prevent
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outages failed because of a preventible electrical overload. the equipment failure caused the outage but the maker of the device says it was operator error that put the super dome in darkness. the san jose plan to build their new soccer stadium later this month. the stadium is privately financed and located next to san jose airport. the earthquakes hope to have it ready by spring of 2014. the county health officials, this week. closed another eatery over concerns of the potentially dangerous noro virus. in is the second restaurant closure in two weeks. >> reporter: they closed flemmings steak house. after they say noro virus sickened employees and two customers. >> my goodness. i -- god, now that i have gone there i need to go and get
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checked. >> reporter: they forced closure of this deli. the vie srus is contagious, causing vomiting and diarrhea. >> part of the reason we are closing the restaurants is for them to take the time to clean the environment. >> reporter: the chef here is as in 24 years no patron of his has ever been sickened. strict hand washing and requesting food workers to stay home when sicken sures customers get good food all of the time. >> people are sick, then, it is not good for the business. >> reporter: late today, flemmings told me by e-mail workers spent 14 hours sanitizing. inspectorred oked the reopen. >> there were food safety classes for employees. >> that pleased the regulars. >> things happen. there are germs around. but, clean it up and get it reopened. it say good restaurant. >> reporter: health experts say the strain of noro virus circulating now is a potential he deadly one for elderly or
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young. and the the hand sanitizers are not enough. diner, known for the chrome exterior opened on battery street back in 1985. it is going to close on march 15th. the newetry, fog city, will reopen in its place. a new season and a new look. tim lincicum spoke to people before the fan fest and was peppered with questions about the shorter haircut. >> got tired of the long hair. needed something different, i guess. >> and a new look by the tkpwhraes that he says were not prescription. other players included buster posey. you can be sure the word "sweep" is a sweet word for
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giant fans. batting clean up in the latest version of a san francisco sweep. the rain moved out but a chill is moving in. mark tomayo will be here telling us where we will see the temperatures in the wents overnight -- in the 20s overnight there is no mass-produced human.
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the second day of the
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pebble beach pro am is complete. it should make for an interesting weekend. for days now we have been watching the nor'easter roll into the eastern part of the u.s. a few minutes ago we brought you a live report. that reporter in boston looked miserable. >> did not look fun out there, gasia. the next 12 hours will be critical. the snowfall rates will continue to be on the increase. right now on live storm tracker 2 this is the loop over the past six hours. the good news f there is any, it is a relatively quick mover. over the next 12 hours, a critical time frame. as you can see this is the loop. you will notice that the bulk of it turning over to snow right now. really out towards hartford and boston. back here across the west, our old rain and the snowfall has moved out of town. basically the rainfall heading out towards southern california and we do have a dry weather forecast to talk about. the temperatures, though, the
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cold air mass remains in place. as a result the temperatures cold out there already. dropping into the 40s out towards concord and walnut creek. napa, checking out 44 degrees in downtown san francisco and lower 50s at 51. forecast headlines for tonight. we will go with this. partly cloudy skies, cool conditions, the weekend, cold mornings. more sunshine in the afternoon hours. we will begin to warm things up in the forecast. monday and tuesday and wednesday. first thing, upper 20s, out towards napa, santa rose a close to that, 30 degrees. sanfrancisco at 40 and san jose in the middle 30s, 35. you want to keep the plants warm and the animals warm. the temperatures off to a cold start tomorrow morning. the high pressure continuing to reare build. and the cold air mass continues to move in from the north. the weekend, more sunshine. maybe patchy fog during the morning hours and no rain clouds showing up on the five- day forecast. in fact, here is the forecast model showing all of the chowd
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cover heading to the north. saturday, sunday, and into your monday. right on through monday. in fact, monday, warming things up a bit. forecast highs tomorrow, like this. santa rosa, 59, san jose, 58, and san mateo, 56 degrees. the weekend in view, weekend rapid he approaching. the warmest afternoon will be on sunday, warming continues into next week for monday and tuesday, gasia? >> mark. thank you. the san francisco giants are involved in another sweep. this time, cleaning up city streets. the outfielder led a pep rally. the team is joining san francisco's new antilitter campaign with the hope to inspire youngsters. they man to take part in cleanup events throuts the year. the other sweep was last october in the world series, a 4-game sweet of detroit. thank you for trusting ktvu news, we will see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we will show you how
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